Welcome to the Learning Commons Makerspace. A makerspace is a place where creative members of our community can gather, create, invent, and learn. Our makerspace includes the latest technology, like 3D printing, laser engraving, large-format poster printer, Cricut cutting machines & mug press, a chromakey green screen studio, and Apple iMac design stations. Let the innovation begin! Note: Before submitting a request, please review our Makerspace Policy

3D Printing

Members can request that a 3D printed object be created on our filament 3D printers.

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Laser Engraving

Members can requests for objects to be engraved, scored or cut. View materials

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Poster Printing

Request matte, glossy or vinyl posters of high resolution images.

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Personalized Mugs

Create vibrant, professional-quality, personalized mugs, which are peel-proof and dishwasher-safe.

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Button Making

Create personalized 2.25" buttons, including shell, pinback, and clear mylar.

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1-on-1 Tech Help

Book your 30-minute session and receive one-on-one technology assistance from a librarian.

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1-on-1 Craft Help

Book your 45-minute session and receive one-on-one assistance with your craft or sewing project.

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Makerspace Policy

  • Use of all Learning Commons equipment is reserved for members of Connetquot Public Library with a membership in good standing. 

  • Costs may be associated with the submission of a project. Members are responsible for payment regardless of the success or failure of a project. All payments are due at the time of pickup: 

    • Filament 3D Printing: $1 per hour.

    • Laser Engraving/Cutting: $.25 per minute.

    • Personalized Mugs: $7 per mug (includes price of mug).

    • Poster Printing: $3 per foot for 24” matte/glossy paper; $5 per foot for 24" Vinyl or 42" matte/glossy paper. $2 extra for grommets on vinyl.

    • Button Making: $.10 per button.

  • Parent/Guardian Supervision is recommended for patrons under the age of 13.

  • All project submissions must be review by Learning Commons staff.

  • Any items produced in the Learning Commons must not be prohibited by local, state or federal law; obscene, offensive, unsafe or harmful; pose a risk or endanger others; weapons or components of weapons, weapon replicas, objects that could be considered weapons; or objects that would violate patents, copyrights, trademarks, registered designs or any other proprietary objects. All items must be the members own design or reside in the public domain.

  • Staff will operate the equipment in the Learning Commons makerspace, except for the Apple iMac design stations and Cricut die cutting machines.

  • Request limits for the submission of a project:

    • Filament 3D Printing: 4 requests per week

    • Personalized Mugs: 4 requests per week

    • Button Making: 4 requests per week

    • VHS to Digital Conversion: 1 requests per month

  • Connetquot Public Library is not liable for any damaged material or media belonging to members utilizing Learning Commons equipment or facilities.

  • If a completed is not picked up, it may be subject to discard after fourteen (14) days of completion.


Updated 9/7/2023


The Learning Commons includes a dedicated and welcoming space for our teen members to learn, work, play and collaborate, which will include our extensive Teen book collection and room for classes, events & meetings. In addition to our popular line-up of teen classes, Connetquot Public Library offers several opportunities for members in grades 6-12 to earn community service credits. This includes: joining the Teen Advisory Board, submitting book reviews or just dropping in and completing an assigned task.

Teen Advisory Board

Teen Advisory members work on projects, volunteer at library events and earn community service credits.

Drop-In Community Service

Teens looking for extra community service hours can come down to the Learning Commons and earn one (1) hour of community service per week.

Teen Book Reviews

Read and review books from the teen collection. Here is a chance to be a reader, reviewer and critic and to earn community service credit as well.


Teens can earn community service credits by completing tasks which will promote awareness about shelter animals and increase their quality of life.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Teens can earn community service credit by creating uplifing, handmade cards for hospitalized kids across America.

Battle of the Books

Suffolk County Battle of the Books program is an inter-library competition between teams of teens.


Explore the world and develop new skills with gaming experiences, including virtual reality (VR), console/PC and even table-top gaming. Let the games begin!

Virtual Reality (VR)

Get ready to experience Virtual Reality (VR).  Virtual Reality uses a computer, headset, and sensors to immerse you directly into a three-dimensional, computer-generated world. Your head, hands, and body movements are tracked to let you interact with what you see inside the headset.

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Gaming PCs

Designated for gaming, the Learning Commons offers (4) PC desktop computers preloaded with Minecraft and games from the STEAM catalog. Unlike other computers, gaming PCs offer high quality speeds to keep video games from lagging.

VHS to Digital Conversion Service

Connetquot Public Library is pleased to introduce a new service aimed at preserving and modernizing your cherished VHS tapes. With our VHS to Digital Conversion Service, you can now transform your old VHS tapes into convenient digital videos. Please review the following guidelines and requirements for utilizing this service:

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Members Only

To access the VHS to Digital Conversion Service, you must be a valid cardholder of Connetquot Public Library. Please ensure that your library card is active and up to date.

USB Flash Drive

In order to receive your converted digital video, you will need to provide a USB flash drive. If you do not have one, USB flash drives can be purchased at the Circulation Desk of the library.

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Guidelines

All items produced or reproduced in the Learning Commons must adhere to local, state, and federal laws. Specifically, items must not be prohibited, obscene, offensive, unsafe, harmful, or pose a risk or endanger others. This includes weapons, weapon replicas, objects that could be considered weapons, and any items that would violate patents, copyrights, trademarks, registered designs, or any other proprietary rights. Furthermore, all items must be your own design or reside in the public domain.

Limit of 1 Request per Month

To ensure fair access and equal opportunity for all patrons, we kindly request that each cardholder limits their VHS to Digital Conversion Service requests to one per month.

Responsibility for Lost or Damaged VHS Tapes

While we exercise the utmost care during the conversion process, Connetquot Public Library cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged VHS tapes. We recommend keeping a backup of your original tapes.

Timely Pickup of Completed Items

Completed items that are not picked up within fourteen (14) days of completion may be subject to discard. Please make arrangements to collect your converted digital video in a timely manner.

Preserving your memories and making them accessible for future generations has never been easier. Experience the convenience of our VHS to Digital Conversion Service at Connetquot Public Library today while adhering to these guidelines and requirements. To get started, drop your VHS off at the Learning Commons information desk today.