English for Speakers of Other Languages

CareersESOL Converation Class

Adults who desire to improve their English speaking skills are invited to participate in this group which is designed for those who have some understanding of English.


This free class meets at least twice a year for six weeks at a time. It is open only to Connetquot district residents. Check our calendar or quarterly newsletter for dates and times.




Both Juvenile and Adult books with call numbers from 410 to 429 include dictionaries, phrase books, textbooks, and written exercise formats for learning reinforcement and depth. In the Special Collections Literacy section, books for beginning readers and other special materials encourage progress and confidence.



Kits in the call numbers 410 to 429 combine CD listening, DVD visualization and a book source for reinforcement in learning English. Some materials are intended for Spanish speakers. In Books on CD with call numbers 410 to 429, check out English learning resources from beginner to advanced levels.



DVD nonfiction with call numbers from 420 to 429 offer visual and verbal reinforcement for learning English’s finer points such as expression, rhythm, pronunciation, and practice conversations.



Adult and Juvenile Computer Software with call numbers from 410 to 429 will bring vivid language learning into your home for all ages and for many computer operating systems.

Digital Services

In addition to our conversation classes and physical collection, the library offers additional digital services, such as downloadable audiobooks and online language courses.


Downloadable language learning audiobooks are available through Līve-brary.com Downloads.

Click on Audiobook Nonfiction on the left side or type “Language Learning” into the searchbox at the top of the page.

You will see many titles to choose from, including English and other languages.

The titles may be checked out for 7 or 14 days or placed on a “wait list.”



Online English courses for speakers of many different languages.

After entering the site, you can create a profile to track your progress or simply click Start Learning.

Then select English Courses under the Courses tab.