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    Designed just for teens, this website not only provides volunteer opportunities in your area, but also encourages you to start your own volunteer activities and causes. The site offers tips on how to get started, information on creating your own clubs, and focuses on a sense of community among its users and staff. Follow the organization's blog and friend them on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more information.
  • Habitat for Humanity
    Volunteer in your local community or travel to another location to help build houses for those in need.
  • Long Island Volunteer Enterprise
    "Mobilizes volunteer teams from the corporate, academic and not-for-profit sectors to complete a one day project that will significantly improve the quality of life for many who live and work on Long Island."
  • Long Island Volunteer Jobs
    Search volunteer opportunities throughout Long Island, including positions at local soup kitchens, assisting seniors, and fund raising, among others.
  • Senior Corps
    Organization that connects people age 55 and over with those in need. Seniors can share their life experiences, skills, and knowledge. Volunteer positions include mentors, coaches, companions and many more.
  • The Volunteer Family
    This is a website designed specifically for families to find and create volunteer activities in their area. "We define family very loosely - it is any group of two or more people, such as parents, children, siblings, foster parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. The Volunteer Family can either match you and your "family" up with one of our preexisting opportunities, or depending on your situation and interests, work with you to create an individually tailored volunteer experience."
  • VolunteerMatch
    "VolunteerMatch strengthens communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect."