Connetquot Public Library

Book Club in a Bag

Librarians use the term Readers' Advisory to express the practice of helping patrons find books to read based on their interests and favorite authors and titles. Our librarians compile lists of suggested titles and authors based on certain subjects and areas of interest. You will find many bibliographies throughout the library, ranging from books for babies and grade school classics to parenting concerns and teen interests to women’s health and author read-alikes. Some of these lists are now available on the web using Pinterest, a social networking website that allows users to display pictures of items of interest. In essence, it’s a virtual bulletin board providing hundreds of visual elements. When you visit the library’s Pinterest page, you will see a variety of“boards” based on subjects, and within those boards, related titles and authors are displayed. Clicking on each entry will bring you to the library’s catalog, showing you the offerings we have for each title and author.