RootsTech (the world’s largest family history conference) is going on now through Saturday, March 2nd. The conference which isdedicated to helping people discover their personal and family stories” is sponsored by FamilySearch. You can watch it live at


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Join us on Wednesday, February 20th at 7:00 pm for our program. Marie Scalisi will give you an overview of this important genealogical website. This program is free and open to all. 

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The Italian Genealogy Group has revised their website. Here is their announcement about their updates:

“We will be rolling out certain upgrades and improvements in coming days and weeks, but for now some of the new features include the ability to join or renew online, the ability (for the first time!) to search ALL of our databases in one keystroke, and member-only perks like videos of past lectures, access to our newsletter archive, and more! If you’re not an IGG member, won’t you join today?”  

You can check out their new website at and also try out their search all databases feature at

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Find my Past

Find my Past has announced in their newsletter that they have added over 329,000 additional New York Roman Catholic sacramental registers of baptisms. Because our library subscribes to Find my Past you can search and view these records for free when using our database link on our computers.  To get to the New York Roman Catholic collections when in Find my Past, click on search option and then A-Z record sets. Type New York Roman Catholic into the catalog search box and you should see a list of all their New York Roman Catholic record titles

editied capture

type roman


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Italian Genealogy and Q & A Program

Join us for our Italian Genealogy and Q & A program this Saturday at 2:00 pm. Our speaker will be Alec Ferretti, recent recipient of the Association of Genealogists’ 2018 Young Professional Scholarship.  He will help you get started with researching your Italian family and will also answer any general genealogy questions you might have. This program is free and open to all. 

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Useful Links to Reclaim the Records Collections

It can be difficult to find a specific Reclaim the Records collection on the However, the German Genealogy Group has just made it easier by creating links to the various records. You will find these links on the GGG webpage:

This also gives me the opportunity to remind researchers to keep checking the German Genealogy Group’s website because they are always adding more helpful genealogical databases and tools which are free and open for all to use.

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Organize Your Genealogy Websites

If you are looking for some ideas on how to organize all those genealogical records you collected in 2018, here are a few websites you might find helpful.

Organize Your Genealogy (

Getting Organized (American

Free Family Tree Tips: 23 Secrets to Organize Your Genealogy (Pittsburg Genealogical Organization)

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DNA for the Holidays

DNA test kits for genealogy have become a very popular holiday gift over the last few years. If you are thinking about giving someone a DNA kit, or should you become the recipient of one yourself this holiday season, you might want to check out the article “Genetic Genealogy Cheat Sheet” in the current issue of Family Tree magazine. The article might give you or the recipient of your gift some helpful background information about these tests and what they can tell you. You can view Family Tree Magazine through our Flipster (eMagazines) subscription.

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New York State Marriage Index for 1881-1965

Reclaim The Records, a non-profit activist group of genealogists, historians, researchers and open government advocates, has announced that they have won the right to make available online the New York State Marriage Index for 1881-1965.  The index images are now available for free on the Internet Archive website.  Reclaim The Records has also filed another lawsuit to win the rights to make available online the 1966-2017 indexes. To learn about this organization and other records they are requesting for online public access,  go to their website at


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Family Tree Magazine’s Best Website Picks

The current issue (December 2018) of Family Tree Magazine has their picks for the best free genealogical websites for researching American ancestors. The article (titled Cyber States) begins on page 18.  You can view Family Tree and many other magazines online for free by using our Flipster subscription. To do this go to our library’s homepage and click on digital and then e-magazines.  You will be asked to login using your account number on your library card. 

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