Digital Film & Slide Scanner/Converter

Back in May of 2013, we posted an article on this blog suggesting a simple, no-tech, inexpensive method to digitize slides, which was dubbed the “flashlight method.”  Because our library recently purchased a Jumbl film and slide scanner for our Library of Things, we thought it was time to update the article.  For those who have a Connetquot Public Library card, you can now check out from our Library of Things a Jumbl film and slide scanner to convert you slides or film negatives to jpg files. Using the device is fairly fast and easy, and all you need is your own SD card to which you can save the images. This compact device can be plugged into a computer or electrical outlet and comes with two adapter plates, one for negatives and the other for slides.  Before choosing to save an image, you will see it on the screen.  You need to make sure your SD card is inserted, or else your image will save to the internal storage of the device.  

This should prove to be a handy device for anyone looking to add older non-digital photographs to the family archive on their computer or other electronic device.  It is listed in our library catalog under the title: Digital film & slide scanner/converter.  If you find that it is already checked out, you can simply place a reserve on it.

slides one_edited

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