Orphan Train

Tom Riley spoke last night about the Orphan Train which was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded eastern cities of the United States to foster homes in rural areas of the Midwest.  During Mr. Riley’s lecture there was a question about how to locate records.  I have listed the websites and contact information for some of the organizations that could be particularly helpful to a genealogist researching an Orphan Train relative.

National Orphan Train Complex


Email: info@orphantraindepot.org

Telephone: 785-243-4471

Children’s Aid


Email: archives@childrensaidnyc.org

Telephone: 212-949-4847

The New York Foundling


Email: records@nyfoundling.org

Telephone: 212-206-4171

New-York Historical Society Museum & Library


Telephone: 212-873-3400

Portions of the New York Historical Society Museum & Library collection can be viewed on Flickr.com


FamilySearch Blog


The article provides background information on the Orphan Train and links to research resources.

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