Google Books Advance Search Tip

By using Google Books recently, I was able to assist someone in finding information on his ancestor. I am a big fan of Google Books and its advanced search engine, so I am happy to share this tip with anyone who hasn’t used it.  The direct link to it is  However, I admit that most of the time I just google the phrase “google books advanced search” and I find it quickly. When beginning a search I usually use the “with all of the words” search option. If my results are too numerous, I will then narrow the search.

Depending on the copyright, you might be able to view a whole book, but there are times that you can’t. However, don’t be discouraged because at least you will have been provided with a list of titles that you can check out through other means.  For example, you might find other online sites for the book, or you may be able to interlibrary-loan it. The main thing is to not be discouraged if you can’t view everything directly on Google Books in order to find the information you are looking for. There is usually some other way to get that information, once you have found out through Google Books what you should be looking for.

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