Alt for Norge and a Link to Norwegian Genealogy Guidance

Our Family History Roundtable program this month will feature Norwegian culture and family history. Our speaker Christine Campisi was a contestant on Alt for Norge, a popular Norwegian television show, in which Norwegian-Americans compete in a series of cultural, historical, and language challenges for the prize of meeting their long-lost Norwegian family. During the competitions, the contestants learn about various aspects of Norwegian heritage and culture. The Alt for Norge television show is proof that family history can be both entertaining and educational.  Come and join us Wednesday and learn more about the show and Norwegian culture.

If you have Norwegian roots and would like some advice in beginning your family research, I would recommend the following website: This site will provide you with much advice and some links to online databases.

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  1. Mary says:

    Christine gave a very interesting look into her experience in Norway. It was a fun way to look into some family genealogy history in Norway. It also had an emotional aspect for some. Very good.

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