A Happy Ending for Some Old Photographs

Years ago I rescued a box of old photographs (mostly from the 1920s and 30s) that my father was looking to throw out. Although many of the photos were of my direct relatives (father and grandparents), there were some of my father’s uncles, aunts and cousins. Even though I dislike holding on to what could eventually become clutter, I decided to keep all of the photographs. Recently I connected with a second cousin through Ancestry.com, who was delighted to learn that I had pictures of her direct ancestors, and asked for copies of them. I scanned and emailed them to her, and I later noticed that she had posted them onto an historical website for Duryea, Pennsylvania to share with many others.  The website has a significant collection of old Duryea photographs, many of them family snapshots, but there are also others of buildings and various events. It is a website that would interest both genealogists and local historians. I am very happy to know that the photos my father was tossing out found a good home, and that they can now be viewed on http://www.duryeapa.com/contents.htm. So, next time you are tempted to send old photographs to the landfill, keep in mind that the internet might help you reunite your photos with their subject families and maybe even an entire community.

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