Naturalization and Immigration Information

Last week as I was helping someone with his research using naturalization records and passenger lists, I thought that it might also be helpful to others if I mentioned some books and resources on the topic. Although this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of resources, hopefully it will give those starting their research some ideas on what is available.


929.1 Quillen, Mastering Immigration & Naturalization Records

929.1 Colletta, They Came in Ships: A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Arrival. Both of these books provide details on what information is available on how it can be obtained.

Background Information

R 304.873 Brownstone, Facts about American Immigration. This reference book discusses the immigration of various ethnic groups to America with explanations on why they came and where they settled. The articles also contain charts, graphs, photos, and illustrations. Particularly useful to genealogists are the resources listed at the end of each entry.

Online Passenger lists and Naturalization Records The site contains extensive passenger lists and naturalization records. It is free when used within our library.

Fold3 This has various passenger and naturalization records. Connetquot Library card holders may access it free by logging in through our database link and using their library barcode.

Ellis Island A database of 22.5 million arrivals to New York between 1892 – 1924. This is free, but you must register to view the digitized passenger lists.

Castle Garden A database of the passenger list information of those arriving into New York between 1855 and 1890.

Stephen Morse This site provides search engines that give more options for searching the Ellis Island and Castle Garden records.

Italian Genealogy Group

German Genealogy Group

Both the Italiangen and theggg have free online indexes to naturalization records.

Online Books for Background Information

Google Books: I like getting a sense of what an ancestor experienced, so for this reason I look for books written in the time period on the topic I am researching. To do this, I use the advance search in Google Books ( I limit the publication date by using the “return content published between” option and I also select the “full view only.” Using these search techniques, I was able to view the following books that were all written in the 19th century:

Wiley & Putnam’s Emigrant’s Guide: comprising advice and instruction in every stage of the voyage to America.

 Handbook for Immigrants to the United States prepared by the American Social Science Association.

Irish Emigration to the United States by Stephen Byrne

The Irish Emigrant’s Guide for the United States by John O’Hanlon

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  1. Christine Caraher says:

    Eastman’s online newsletter noted the German Genealogy site has changed.

    Also, for those doing research abt Brooklyn, NY … There’s a Brooklyn Genealogy Information page:

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