BookScan Station

Recently a family member contacted me and asked if I could send him a copy of a photograph I have. It reminded me of a tip given at our last program. Our speaker, Kathleen McGee, mentioned that we should share our documents and photographs with other family members in order to have them in more than one place. That way if our originals are destroyed or lost, we would still have access to the copies.   With this thought still fresh in my mind, I was happy to fulfill my relative’s request.  In the past, the chore of scanning and sending items would have made me procrastinate in fulfilling such a request.  However, now that our library has an easy-to-use BookScan Station in the reference department that makes scanning and emailing a snap, I don’t hesitate any more. If you haven’t used our BookScan already, here is a link that will demonstrate just how fast and easy it is to use   In just a minute or so you can store or email copies of your prized family photographs or documents, and in doing so ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy them.

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