Boolean Searching and Old Fulton NY Postcards Historical Newspapers

     Someone commented that he gets too many results when searching for articles in the Old Fulton NY Postcards historical newspapers database (  I suggested that he try using the Boolean search option which allows a researcher to combine words or phrases by using the terms AND, OR, NOT to narrow or broaden search results.  This could be helpful in narrowing your search by combining your ancestors’ surnames and place of residence. For example, if you are looking for the Kennedy family that lived in Hyannis Port, you might try in the Boolean search option the terms Kennedy AND Hyannis Port.  On the other hand, if you are not researching the Kennedys of Hyannis Port and too many of your results were for this family, you might try the terms Kennedy NOT Hyannis Port.  What I find particularly useful for family research in the database is the Word Proximity capability.  This gives you the ability to search for words within a certain proximity to each other.  So, if I were looking for articles on John Kennedy, I could use John w/1 Kennedy.  This commands the search engine to look only for articles that have the names John and Kennedy within 1 word of each other.  It will eliminate hits where the name John and Kennedy just happen to appear on the same page.  Of course, if I thought there might be a middle name or initial used in articles, I might use w/2 instead, so articles on John F. Kennedy are not excluded.  To narrow the search even more, try combining commands.  For example, you can search using the following string of words: John w/2 Kennedy AND Hyannis Port.  For articles concerning John F. Kennedy’s wedding, you might include the name of the bride and word “wedding. “

    There is no one set formula for best making use of the Boolean search. You might have to try several terms before you locate what you are looking for. However, this type of search should help you find articles more effectively in the Old Fulton NY Postcards historical newspapers. You can also use Boolean searches in some other online newspaper indexes such as the New York Times Historical.   Click for Examples of Boolean Searching

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