A Follow-up on Ordering Copies from the Family History Library

On January 4, 2013, I posted that the Family History Library in Salt Lake City was emailing copies of requested records to those who provide them with an email address. I mentioned that I could not find either in my inbox or spam, the email that the Photoduplication Unit said they sent me. I thought I had accidently deleted it, perhaps due to not recognizing the sender. Shortly after that post, I followed up by faxing them another request for different records, and last night I received from the Photoduplication Unit an email with the requested copies that I was given 14 days to download. Below is the way the email appeared in my indox:

 The turnaround time was so short that I almost could not believe it was from them.  So I am happy to report that I was very satisfied with my second experience with this new ordering procedure.  It’s definitely a major improvement over the old snail mail system.

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