New Procedure for Ordering Copies From the Family History Library

A few weeks ago, The Family History Library Photoduplication Unit sent me a refund check and a message informing me that they had emailed me the copies of records I had requested. This confused me, because for many years the procedure was that you filled out the Request for Photocopies form, enclosed a check (two dollars for each record), and about a month later, the records would arrive in a large envelope. I was unaware that the procedure had changed, and when I checked my email I did not see any message from the Family History Library. I mentioned this to someone who had the same experience; however she found the sent records to her in her email inbox. The email with the attached records was sent from the Photo Duplication Services, and the subject line was “Photoduplication Shared”. In my case, I do not know if the email went to my spam folder or if I accidentally deleted it because I did not recognize the sender. I called the Family History Library and asked them to explain the new procedure. They informed me that they now email records without charge to those who provide an email address on the form. The Request for Photocopies form still has to be filled out. It must be faxed or mailed, but not emailed. Unfortunately, they were unable to resend the email that had been sent to me. In spite of my first negative experience with the new procedure, I welcome the change as it promises to be more convenient, money saving, and even environmentally friendly (if records are not printed out). You can find the form for requesting copies at

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