Questions About Pedigree Charts

Because pedigree charts are an important part of organizing and sharing our family information, I thought these questions and answers about them might interest you.

Should women be listed under their married or maiden names?  Women should always be listed under their maiden names. If an ancestor’s maiden name is unknown to you, write the first name followed by empty parentheses.

Should I write the middle name or just use an initial? If you know the individual’s middle name, you should write it out rather than using just an initial.

How should I write the dates? The dates on a pedigree chart should have the day first, the month next, and then all four digits of the year.  For example, if an ancestor was born on February 5, 1919, you should record the date on your pedigree chart as:  5 Feb 1919 (do not write any periods or commas).

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