Free Online Genealogy Learning Center

    Would you like to learn more about genealogy in the convenience of your own home?  If so, check out the website It contains the largest collection of genealogical courses on the internet. They have lessons designed for beginners and more advanced genealogists and the topics range from finding United States military records to how to decipher German script. Some lessons are taught by experts at Family History Library in Salt Lake City, but many others were contributed by experienced members of the genealogical community.

    To  search for a lesson you can use a search box at the top of the webpage. Filters on the left side of the page will help you narrow your search and see all the classes that relate to your topic of interest. The lessons vary in format from e-learning, slides or video, but one thing they all have in common is that they are free. So, if you would like to learn more about genealogy this might be a website you will want to check out.

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