Fold3 Database News

EBSCO Publishing has sent us the following news item concerning their Fold3 database.

We are pleased to announce that in the next few days, some important enhancements will become part of your Fold3 search experience:


The most significant change to the Fold3 user interface involves the ability to filter on the key facets that customers have requested:  Documents Categories and Titles in the left column; Dates, States, and Added in the Past (how recently the document was added to the collection) in the center column. It will also be much easier to decide to include or exclude documents that have no specific date or state associated with them.


During the beta test for these enhancements, respondents overwhelmingly chose to group pages from a single document into one result, rather than showing them as individual hits. This enhancement will allow for quicker visual scanning of results to find the most relevant documents.


An addition to the current Fold3 viewer (which has not changed) will be a mini-viewer to make it faster for researchers to decide if a document is worth exploring further. The mini-viewer will let the user view all the pages of the document, rotate the document, and zoom in and out. The «View Larger» button on the mini-viewer will take the user to the full Fold3 viewer with all of its features, including printing and downloading an image. In addition, users will still be able to access the full Fold3 viewer by just clicking on a document thumbnail, without going through the mini-viewer.

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